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Makoto per episode (Eternal Summer edition) » 13. The Eternal Summer of Beginnings!

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november 24th, 2014 -- november 30th, 2014
  • monday, november 24th: flowers | alternative theme: warmth
  • tuesday, november 25th: horror | alternative theme: chocolate
  • wednesday, november 26th: lies | alternative theme: dreams
  • thursday, november 27th: kids | alternative theme: touch
  • friday, november 28th: firsts | alternative theme: letters
  • saturday, november 29th: au | alternative theme: danger
  • sunday, november 30th: animals | alternative theme: music

Personally, I had felt like there has been a lack of activity in the tag lately, so I thought it was time we dedicated a week to this wonderful ship. 

Makorin Week will take place November 24th — November 30th December 14th — 20th. Each day will have two different prompts for you to choose from and you are allowed to interpret them however you want! Any kind of contributions are allowed (fics, art, edits/manips, videos, audio, etc.) just as long as they have #makorin week in the first five tags. Also, please state any kind of triggers or warnings your work may have, ex: NSFW, non-con, gore, etc. And, if you are writing a fic that is more than 500 words, please add a read more for easier browsing in the tag.

All works will be reblogged here and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me! Hope to see you all there!

EDIT: Makorin Week will be no longer taking place on November 24th-30th, but instead occur on December 14th — 20th. Refer to this post for more information

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Makoto being an adorable dork (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

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